The appearance of the tongue and strength of the pulse can give you deep insight into the state of your body:

*Which organs are hyperactive? Which organs are weak?

*Do I have heat congestion somewhere in the body?

*Are there areas that are too cool?

*Do I have dehydrated organs or places where water is congested?

*Are there blood congestions in my body or other blockages which hinder circulation? 

With this insight you are able to choose the appropiate foods, which can bring your body back into balance. You will notice this by improved sleeping patternsa healthy sensitivity to hot and cold tamperatures, balanced emotions, and an increased energy level. We would be very happy to help you. But before we start please read carefully the following guidelines, which are very important to ensure positive results: 




* 30 minuten before taking a picture of your tongue with a camera, please do not drink, eat, or smoke!

* Please do not take a warm bath, shower, sauna or do other bodily exertion or exercise (all this changes the appearance of the tongue and pulse rate)

*Please take a picture of your tongue during daylight, without shadows falling on it. Then compare the picture with your tongue while looking in the mirror. 

*To judge the colors of your tongue correctly, please print this red and white page, hold it close to your tongue directly under your chin when taking the picture. (In this way it is easy to see whether your camera registers the colors realistically).  Red balance



* Please test your pulse once a week to check for any changes. 

* If possible, always check your pulse at the same time during the day, because the pulse can vary slightly.

* Again 30 minutes before testing your pulse: do not drink, eat, or smoke!

* Please do not take a warm bath, shower, sauna or do other bodily exertion or exercise.

Where do we put the fingers?

So werden die Finger plaziert

The first finger (Top Pulse) is placed below your thumb where the wrist bone ends (you need to move your finger slightly up and down until you find the spot where the pulse is easily dedected. Here you put the first finger.)


Then you put the index, middle and ring fingers next to one another.

The pulse of your finger closest to the wrist bone, we call TOP PULSE (it measures the condition of the lungs and heart).

Your middle finger feels the MIDDLE PULSE (it measures the condition of the stomach and liver).

Your third finger, the one farthest away from the wrist bone, checks the BOTTOM PULSE  (it measures the condition of the kidneys). 


How do we test? 


We use either light pressure or firm pressure. 


If you can feel your pulse when lightly pressing down, it is a superficial (floating) pulse, (as if it were floating on the surface). 

If you can feel your pulse only when more firmly pressing down, we call it deep pulse (as if it were deep down inside). 

Sometimes the pulse feels like a hard straight line, like a tense guitar string. We call this a tense pulse. 

Please also check if your pulse differs on the right or left arm.

A healthy pulse beats gently and evenly. It is not tense.

The Top Pulse should be float, the Middle and Bottom Pulse deep.

The right and left Pulse should be identical. 


Please print out the Pulse Page, and fill in your values or information: 

Pulse Page pdf

Pulse Page xls


1.) In the upper left box you put the number of heart beats per minute or pulse rate. 

2.) In the next column you write whether the Top, Middle, and Bottom pulse is float or deep. 


3.) In the third column you write down whether the pulse is weak or strong.


4.) The last column is optional. Does the pulse feel loose or tense like a guitar string? (A tense pulse is always felt over 2 or 3 fingers!)   


5.) Please note down if your pulse is different on the right and left arm. 


We would be happy to accompany you on this exciting trip to bring your body back into balance. If you wish, we offer you individual recommendations on a daily basis.  

Now you are ready to create your own thread ( > Neues Thema erstellen).

Here Please upload regularly a tongue picture with your pulse information.

Only then are we able to support you in the best possible way. 

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